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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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indulge your five senses. the difference is. and the culture is a clash that. al-jazeera. under house arrest per se in about's robert mugabe makes his first public
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appearance talks continue about his departure as presidents often bought way. al-jazeera live from london also coming up the grim aftermath of the battle for iraq. and the philippine government accused of war crimes. a damning report reveals the shocking treatments of mainly operational children in australian youth detention. outrages the us lift restrictions on importing elephant trophies from zimbabwe and zambia conservationists. puts the animals. president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put under
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house arrest by the military. the ninety two year old attended a university to ation service in the capital harare there's been a series of talks among regional leaders about his departure now even his closest allies a turning against him the leader of the country's influential war veterans association has called for mass demonstrations on saturday saying he shouldn't be allowed to stay in power we have declared his word and that is the message there is no way that he must leave because of this so did the record. management and the plan. of his wife what becoming president of the republic. is a problem people up to the. i was there as head of a task joins us now live from the capital harare and how are we just seeing there the war veterans association turning their back or not mugabe does he have any are
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you still left. if he does there probably would be too afraid to speak right now there are reports of some of them some people who are close to the mugabe's have left the country so i think if he does have people who do support and there would be coming out in public at the moment where we are hearing are signs that growing that people do want him to leave within zanu p.f. and the last few minutes we were told that all ten provinces in the country. certain people fishers of those provinces have said please i'm a guy who should leave because they say he is incapacitated the saturday march the what it was a saying it's not about war veterans it's not a bizarre appeared supporters they're saying all zimbabweans who want to preserve a guy would to go should come and attend this rally they say at that really rally they'll see the clear message to the president that if he doesn't leave office he doesn't step down that he will be dealt with already some activists have come out on social media saying they plan to join the war veteran something many zimbabweans
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never ever thought would happen it seems like and will happen and all eyes will be on that saturday rally indeed i mean the army clearly wants mugabe to go they're trying to encourage him to quit but what is the army actually wants in mugabe's place. that is the big question they haven't said who they would prefer to take over from the president right now they're just saying he is the president he is the head of state he is commander in chief but we do know from the war veterans day came out and said they support the former vice president muslim and and they say that if he was the one to be chosen to lead this country they don't have a problem with it i think within the zanu p.f. structures we can see that there is definitely growing support for the former vice president who is still out of the country for the bargain. as a whole it's a wait and see right now the focus now is can prism a guy be removed from office a lot of people still don't believe that is going to happen we talked about nearly
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forty years that he wanted man as your president imagine that a long long time they've been ups and downs in this country but the past twenty or so years it has to be depressing financially ordinary people waiting to see how long it will take to get him out absolutely extraordinary times right now there in zimbabwe horror in harare thank you. now i'm a stance a national is accusing both fighters and philippine government forces of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of mirai we're going to thousand people have been killed and five hundred thousand others forced from their homes in the fighting onondaga reports from the capital manila. it is the first detailed human rights investigation into the five month long conflict in the southern city of matter we it killed more than a thousand people and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians amnesty
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international sent a team to land a province in the southern philippines to interview around fifty survivors and witnesses what they heard were stories of widespread abuse on both sides some of which amount to war crimes the amnesty report says members of a local group called them out they targeted christians the attacks were often brutal some people were shot at point blank range while others had their throats slit the philippine military also stands accused in the report it details accounts of civilians who say they were tortured by members of the marines after their escape from out of fighters some say they were held tied beaten and accused of fighting against the government the ago is one of the civilians from what are we who survived his story told to al-jazeera backs up the amnesty report but in the mouth they beat us with their weapons and they made us wear black and told us to go outside and forced us to steal food some of the women were raped when we managed to
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escape the military detained us for days we were tired and beaten up they accused us of being the fighters and this international also says the damage to the city is worth further investigation the group calls it unprecedented and questions whether the use of military operations was consistent to proportionality under international law. we're guided by the rules of which provides order. and proportionality in the use of force the war in where are we is the longest battle that philippine military has bought since world war two now to fighters to control of several parts of merari city in may and held more than two thousand people hostage the moutier made no secret of their brutality it is highlighted in their propaganda but many here believe the philippine military
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should be held to a higher standard the air is a protector of the people in this they are the ones who are based on where that buy is not the be the protector of the people and the state and that's why we hold them to account because they are the military has been undergoing reforms for several years now the operation is being seen as a test as to whether lessons and human rights have been institutionalized accusations of human rights abuses committed by the state have been the cause of the grievances by so many muslim communities which in turn are being exploited by radical armed groups here many believe these grievances need to be resolved soon before they again push more people to take up weapons against the government jim duggan al jazeera mandela amnesty international says three people have been killed in kenya when police clash with supporters of the opposition leader roy. officers used tear gas and water cannon to break up large crowds cheering
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a dentist convoy from the airport to central nairobi he returned from a ten day trip to the united states but he say five people were killed but they were stoned by enraged crowds to be in court. on monday the supreme court will rule on challenges to president kenyatta controversial election victory last month. in syria at least eighteen people have been killed in air strikes and shelling in eastern it is the third consecutive day of attacks on the area which is part of a deescalation zone agreed on by turkey russia and iran officials have canceled friday prayers to protect civilians in the area about four hundred thousand people are living in eastern huta under a government siege and a facing a severe shortage of food and medicine. iraqi forces say they've retaken the last major i saw help town in the country troops faced little resistance when they moved into roya on friday iraq's prime minister said the operation was carried out in
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record time imran khan has more from baghdad. iraq he joined operations command have announced that the iraqi flag is now flying in the center of the city has been liberated now this was an operation that began in the early hours of friday morning but the preparation had actually been taking place since the eleventh of november when the operation to take the last remaining strongholds of eisel began the joint operations command were very concerned about civilian casualties and they actually told out there that we are waiting for the right moment to go in to try and keep civilian casualties to a minimum it is the end of i saw as a caliphate as a state in iraq so we will be expecting prime minister hyderabadi to make a statement we don't know when that statement is going to be but he does face a challenge on his hands this might be the end of eisel as a state within iraq as i say but the root causes of the the rise of the group still remain the still a lot of anger among sunnis particularly to the share led government here and so
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those are things that promised the body needs to address but this is actually being seen as in as a significant victory for the iraqi forces that flag flying in the middle of is very significant. an inquiry into abuse at youth prisons in australia's northern territory has called for the closure of one of the detention centers it found what it described as shocking and systemic failures which were ignored by top officials over many years most of the inmates were aboriginal under thomas reports these are the shocking videos which sparked an inquiry into what was happening to children imprisoned in australia in one a boys strapped to a chair and put it another video shows a boy being picked up by a guard and thrown into his room much of the abuse happened here at the don dale prison for young offenders near darwin well over ninety percent of people detained here and elsewhere in the northern territory over recent years have been aboriginal
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earlier this year boys living in the territory told al-jazeera that among them the abuse was well known you know i trained last year frankly. you like they've done their corner stuff and same with minorities and grew up in. boys again an era where they tell you what it's like you know and so good on friday after an investigation which is lasted more than a year members of a royal commission inquiry released their report and recommendations they said they'd found shocking and systemic failures over many years which were well known and ignored at the highest levels the northern territory's chief minister said the failings were a stain on the northern territory's reputation we have been breaking our kids not building them up that has become increasingly evident through the royal commission hearings the report recommends the immediate closure of the don dale prison it says
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children under fourteen should only be detained for the most serious of crimes tear gas force and restraint should never be used on children and video cameras should be warned by guards to monitor their behavior but some worry the recommendations won't be enacted and don't go far enough saying so many inquiries make great recommendations and and nothing happened you know youth detention isn't working for these young people and we do need a paradigm shift. the northern territory's government says it broadly supports the reforms proposed in the report australia's prime minister says there are implications for how all australian states deal with the link with children this is a report into the abuse of children but in truth given that the vast majority of those in the northern territory in prisons are aboriginal this is also a report into the abuse of indigenous australians that makes its findings particularly sensitive australia has a dog history of abuse toward the so-called first australians under thomas
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al-jazeera. are still ahead on the program how yemeni refugee war on violence are both a welcome change to. the refugee camps reimagined we find out what happens when the when the world's top. the vulnerable. how is just about start raining and snowing in afghanistan and to the west throughout iran and back towards the mediterranean coast not much is going on but on the mediterranean coast something is going on and inducing quite a lot of clouds to build the winds are suddenly here's a still twenty seven in beirut and it's about the same in baghdad and down towards cuba it is a clear skies no sixty in terrible danger frost levels in a good part of iran by night and here is the cloud as it progresses slowly it was
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during sunday a few green spots to suggest a bit of rain for syria iraq may be down as far as kuwait not a lot but a hint or sign for the most part of course the right move it raby in peninsula remains now temperatures just below thirty for most places though not in western side a saudi with loesch humidity that's right is still possible around a man yemen and of course maybe the gulf states is fast. during the last part of the weekend on sunday. tropical africa we've seen the heaviest rain recently in places like uganda congo and gabble that's what was subtle i would suggest and that's about where you would expect to see the heaviest rain in this part of africa and then reflected in the forecasts compound the. along with lee brazil at twenty eight degrees.
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hello again undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put under house arrest by the military on wednesday he attended
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a university graduation service in harare. amnesty international says both i saw and the philippines government guilty of war crimes in the five month battle for the city of moore away. and iraqi forces say they have retaken the last major town in the country being held by i saw government troops raise the iraqi flag over roy's district headquarters on friday night. the red cross is warning that one million yemenis are at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak because of saudi arabia's blockade of the country the group says the cities of her data sada and tires have run out of clean water because of a lack of fuel the country has already see nine hundred thousand cholera cases in the past six months saudi arabia cut off access to get in by land sea into almost two weeks ago after who rebels launched a missile targeting the saudi capital well a small african state of djibouti is now home to more than forty thousand people
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who fled that war in yemen well they were originally housed in a refugee camp many have moved to the capital so living on as mohammed a day reports their presence is bringing big changes to the city. old school tom into a training center in the heart of djibouti a group of men are hard at work. the older figures from yemen until recently they were living in a comp some two hundred kilometers away. they were then registered given papers and allowed to work. abdurrahman ali came here from the city of miss and destroyed his house he now owns the testament. we have been accorded outmost respect and dignity and. we thank the government and the leadership of that would. change. a lot of figures from. the unfortunate to walk and i mean living
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government officials are now i did you know to see that if you give the. people who come from using something for themselves and for their whole. djibouti is one of the world's poorest countries with few not to notice sources the country has seen large foreign investment in recent years because of its strategic location but it still struggles with extreme poverty head of a lot of whom. there is little else we could do for them so to make all providence just as welcome we allow them the right to work our president is a staunch supporter of the yemeni refugee community. more yemenis that i've businesses owned and run by them up becoming more visible in djibouti they are safe here and have a new start from the whole war yet they continue to follow closely events back home . the problem with yemen is the are militias there for hire and cause massive
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destruction that will. influx of yemenis is changing djibouti even the locals admit they have reinvigorated the city. for the refugees. and who knows if there will ever be able to go back home mohammed. djibouti. israel says it's prepared to cooperate with saudi arabia to unite against iran israel's military chief the attendant general gadi eyes and told an arabic online newspaper it's ready to share intelligence information with saudi arabia now israel and saudi arabia do not have diplomatic ties but recently their relations have shown some signs of improving in june two israeli ministers separately called for full diplomatic relations to be established with saudi arabia in october classified memos by the israeli foreign ministry revealed it had instructed ambassadors around the world to begin a diplomatic campaign against iran and hezbollah are both saudi arabia's rivals and
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a couple of weeks ago prime minister binyamin netanyahu said israel is working very hard to establish an effective alliance with the modern city states to counter it rainy and aggression. michael ware has the latest now from west jerusalem. israel's military chief left tenant general gatti eyes in court said his country was ready to cooperate with what he described as moderate arab states against a common enemy iran but it's not so much what he said but that he said it to a saudi news website saudi arabia doesn't even officially recognize israel and say i wasn't caught interviews being seen as a sign of the growing cooperation between the two countries and it's not the only such recent media appearance to be seen as such it was here at israel's channel two television in june where an interview with a saudi guest was broadcast that's on precedented in israeli broadcasting and the guest made her keen talked about the saudi led blockade on qatar and about
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a new middle east without what he described as terrorism and comments made by israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman here israel's parliament in june also showed a shifting alliances he said following the saudi led blockade that israel was open for cooperation and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu talked in london earlier this month about new allies the good news that the other was getting together with. them there is something i wouldn't expect with my lifetime. but working very hard to stop. the effect of alliance between israel and the moderate. to conduct the aggression may be wrong. as far as possible and in some diplomatic cables leaked just over a week ago israel's ministry of foreign affairs urged its foreign embassies to
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support saudi arabia in its conflict in yemen and in it struggle against iran and against shia group hezbollah in lebanon but general ising glaus in his interview said israel presently has no plans to attack hezbollah. it's been reported that six saudi princes arrested over corruption allegations had to receive hospital treatment after being severely beaten the kingdom's crown prince mohammed bin selman ordered around up of hundreds of members of the world family as part of what was described as an anti corruption dr there are also media reports that the detainees are being told they will be freed if they agree to forfeit seventy percent of their wealth a judge in belgium has postponed a decision on whether to extradite the deposed castle and later colors push them all lawyers for push them all and four former cattle ministers appeared in court in brussels after spain issued a european arrest warrant against them the five who will face charges of rebellion and sedition will appear will reappear in court next month. a large group of ranger
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refugees is on the move again trying to escape a military crackdown in myanmar hundreds a stark in what is known as no man's land between me and martin bangladesh this footage filmed in bangladesh shows refugees trying to get to cox's bazaar more than six hundred thousand ranger have crossed the border since august to have a child really has more from cox is bizarre. hundreds of rajar refugees crossed into. no man's land between caulks bodies are dying of that and me on my most of them are stranded in the paddy field behind me the hilltop you know saying is me on my bought are in between is the this has been one of the new points a lot of that refuge of the crossing into buying of that just last week and friday about six thousand refugees crossed into buying without using makeshift raft and fishing boat so the influx was really not stopped people are still coming in mainline that a lot of diplomatic activity is overseas as well as in buying of that the foreign
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minister of sweden japan and germany are scheduled to visit buying of that within this week on november nineteenth chinese foreign minister is also scheduled to visit this coming week to me and mine and bangladesh between all the diplomatic jargon that have been really hasn't been a solution about the report creation all of that going to refugee is the army chief yes the day of the myanmar arm each of us that this aid that it is up to the citizens of myanmar to decide how many they're going to get refugees will be taken on not casting doubt about the whole policy wig back the foreign secretary of myanmar a mating in. india say that are for condition has to be met before anybody is taken back the home secretary of me and maher say that he doubts that they will be taking all six hundred thousand refugees who have crossed into buying of the risen days into me on mine. hunters from the united states can now legally bring home the
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remains of elephants from zimbabwe and zambia provided they were killed on legal hunts the trumpet ministrations new roles reverse the ban brought in under barack obama gallagher reports conservationists are not happy. over the last decade the illegal trade in ivory has more than doubled and the african elephant has paid dearly conservationists estimate around five thousand a year killed and african elephants remain on the u.s. is endangered species list the restrictions on importing elephant trophies from legal hunts in zimbabwe and zambia have been lifted the u.s. fish and wildlife service a well regulated hunting helps raise cash for conservation efforts and seeing advocates of long campaign for the rollback and say the benefits are huge when you look at the dollars that hunting brings and you're looking at funding for the conservation departments in those countries most of their funding it does not come
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from the government coffers it comes from hunting among the trophy hunters are likely to be some of america's wealthiest including president trump sons they've hunted in zimbabwe in the past now they can bring home what they killed the shift in u.s. policy comes just days after interior secretary ryan zinke set up a council to look at the benefits of u.s. citizens traveling abroad to hunt in a statement the people for the ethical treatment of animals said if president trump allows a baggage carousel to be filled with elephant feet and heads from corrupt zimbabwe he will of fashion himself after its president robert mugabe who slaughters all in his path critics say allowing ivory coast feeds into the u.s. legally undermines hard fought campaigns to stop the trade campaigns previously spearheaded by the united states and a gallacher al-jazeera. architects from around the world are taking part in a major festival in berlin from reimagining a refugee camp to a recycled floating home for students many of taking current world issues at events
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as their inspiration al-jazeera charlie angela takes a look at some of the leading contenders for the world architecture festivals top price. from re housing earthquake survivors to educating a community architecture has the power to transform lives here at the world architecture festival in berlin it's clear the desire for social equality is implementing design decisions seen here in design more as presentation of shelter on the edge a reimagining of a refugee camp for syrians fleeing conflict made of wood is designed to be built by its inhabitants and can grow like a community for somebody it's like a bus and we start with the basic human need what you need and especially the floor plan it's it's a very small it's like you know it's a bit more under the flexible and it's affordable each building tells a story the palestinian museum in the occupied west bank has already won an award
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for its clean lines and cascade of terraces which represent the diversity of cultures there's also the affordable student housing in copenhagen using shipping containers and otherwise on usable space to create floating apartments i think what we're trying to do is architects is to build the future way of living working. we feel that a lot of places in cities today were actually designed for how life was lived one hundred years ago this building in central violin was sort of for the housing category but it's actually multi-functional it's got offices on the top restaurant and shops it generates its own electricity with solar panels on the roof and a geothermal system supplies it with heating and air conditioning in a recent survey architects said that climate change and energy would be the most important issues influencing their profession over the next ten years the festival is an opportunity for architects to question and learn from each other and be
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judged by a panel of their peers a unique opportunity to the organizers so many different architecture something different parts of the world approach. the same kind of putting a different way because of our climate building tradition and what's always fascinating is to parent them from our different desire for the rest of the same problems come up with amazingly enough it is an. unusual solution architecture can define the way we live our lives even lift the human spirit just like this when installation in london called smile charlie rangel al jazeera. designed is of course our website that's what the front page six like at the moment the address as ever is al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera dot com.
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and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put under house arrest by the minute train on wednesday the ninety three year old attended a university graduation service in the capital harare the pressure on him to step down is mounting the country's influential war veterans association has called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday. we have declared is what we did that is the message there is no way that you must live because of this who did it would. be plunder you. in the madness. of his wife would become it with. it it. is a problem people are up to. amnesty international says three people have been killed in kenya when police clash with supporters of the opposition leader. offices use tear gas and water cannon to break up large crowds cheering
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a convoy from the airport to central iraq he returned from a ten day trip to the united states. say five people were killed when they were stoned by crowds after being caught leasing on monday the supreme court challenges to president her kenya controversial election victory last month amnesty international says both eisel and the philippines government a guilty of crimes in the five month battle for the city of murali were going to thousand people have been killed in the fighting and five hundred thousand forced from their homes. iraqi forces say they have retaken the last major town in the country being held by i saw government troops moved into rar in western iraq on friday morning they raised the flag over the district governor's headquarters iraq's prime minister said the operation was carried out in record time the red cross is warning that one million yemenis are at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak because of saudi arabia's blockade of the country group
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says the cities of her data solder and tires have run out of clean water because of a lack of fuel the country has already seen nine hundred thousand cholera cases in the past six months. and those headlines here on out is there i'm back but the news hour that's in about twenty five minutes time stay with us so because inside stories next. dissolved by cambodia's top court the main opposition party is urging world powers to cut ties with longtime leader send but china is standing firmly behind it so what's behind cambodia's crackdown on the opposition this is inside.


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